Amber pills is adaptogene, produced from natural amber having unique remedial and preventive features, different from analogous currently available in worldwide market.

Patentas-gintaritas-MAmber Acid available in natural amber stone is universal biostimulant and inseparable part of each live organism. Amber Acid is being produced by human and animal cells, by performing function of energy balance. Scientists have found out that disorders of energy balance of cells are likely to reduce immune system, resulting in various diseases. Therefore lack of Amber Acid must be constantly refreshed, especially under influence of huge physical, mental and emotional (stress) loads. Unfortunately, only a small part of foodstuffs contains the present substance. Amber acid is available only in soured milk products, in black broad, in sea molluscs, stored in wine, in beer, in several species of berries and fruits and in pickled cabbage.

Nutritional Amber Acid, achieved in Kaliningrad Amber processing plant, gets ahead of worldwide analogous in terms of its purity. Its structure is the same as Amber Acid, being produced in human body. Amber pills are the only nutritional supplement of this kind.

Amber pills is natural regulator of human organism, therefore it is necessary under huge physical, emotional –psychological and mental load as well as illness. It is irreplaceable for these who want to fell healthy, fresh and strong. Amber pills are reliable remedy from the influence of alcohol. It quickly eliminates syndrome of hangover.

Amber Acid is absolutely harmless and its feature to give positive effect even in a case of using small dosages also to increase nutritional value of foodstuffs and to sustain impact of pharmaceuticals makes it useful nutritional supplement, stimulating normalization of the state of human body, functions of self-regulation, recovery after illness and providing optimal regime of life-force functions.

Amber pills are pills of white or grey colour, comprised of Amber Acid, vitamin C and glucose. Exclusive features of Amber pills compared with pure tablets of Amber Acid are as follows: no irritation of mouth cavity after long time usage, the pleasant taste and the wider spectrum of application. Vitamin C interacting with Amber Acid participates in processes of metabolism, as carrier of oxygen. Vitamin C stimulates processes of synthesis of precollagen for converting it to collagen. Therefore it has positive effect on permeability of capillary and preservation of uniformity of supporting tissues (fibres, cartilages, bones). Shortage of Vitamin C results in weakness of regeneration processes of human body. It has been found out that Vitamin C has direct influence on DNA synthesis in cell nucleus and makes human body infections proof. Glucose is energy source of the remedy, which increases time of impact of the remedy. In the processes of metabolism the role of glucose is defined as it is the only form, where carbohydrates circulates in blood and are used as energy source.

Dosages and proportion of components (Amber Acid, Vitamin C and glucose) of Amber pills are selected in a way to simulate natural optimal energy balance.

Preparations from Amber Acid are effective for cardio-vascular diseases, respiratory diseases (bronchitis, inflectional - allergic asthma), influenza and cold, diabetes, toxicosis (chemotherapy etc.) Amber Acid with glucose helps for sportsmen easily to adapt to constantly increasing physical loads, to reduce pain in overstrained muscles. Before competition Amber Acid helps sportsmen to mobilize their strengths and to avoid stress. After competition a sportsman does not feel so tired and prostrate and upon termination of use of Amber Acid potential of sportsman is not likely to reduce.

Amber acid are recommended:

  • For pregnant women, because they have toning and antitoxic impact, also an influence on metabolism during pregnancy, therefore it is recommended for laden pregnancy. (V.I. Kularov, academician from Centre of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Russian Scientific Academy).

  • For cells lesions due to sclerosis and hepatic diseases; reduces possibility of hypoxia and protects foetus from viruses during the whole period of pregnancy; reduces impact of various types of toxins and radiation (N.N. Vaganov, minister’s counsellor, the Ministry of Health Protection of Russian Federation).

  • In the event of hypotropia, encephalopathy and dermatitis. (N.G. Ushakova, senior doctor of specialized clinics for babies (Russia)).

  • Amber pills have adaptogenic and antioxidizing features therefore it is capable of combating against harmful impact of toxins. It provides activity of hepatic cells, which is very important because the influence of alcohol firstly makes suffer hepatic tissue. By activating activity of cells, it provides possibility for organism to suffer less from alcohol intoxication, increases capability of elimination of alcohol from blood, quickly eliminates syndrome of hangover. (A.S.Sluckin, director of aid centre of Clinical Psychotherapy and Psychology (Russia)).

  • Recommended as remedial - corrective measure for persons, contacting with X-Rays, high frequencies technique, TV, radio equipment more than 2 hours daily. (E.I. Majevski chief assistant of the institute of theoretical and experimental biophysics of Russian Scientific Academy).

Being universal remedy, which activate vital functions of human and provides him with necessary energy, Amber Acid positively influences functions of reproduction as well. As mother-to-be use Amber pills she is provided not only with good health and mirthful feeling of live but also this is the basis for healthy childhood of their offspring.

During the period of pregnancy Amber Acid facilitates hormonal reconstruction within body of mother-to-be, helps to satisfy increased level of energy, maintains activity of immune system, prevents toxicosis and reduces possibility of various complications. Under the present conditions foetus develops under optimal conditions, it is suitably provided with oxygen and nutritional materials and strengthened placenta barrier prevents toxines, viruses and germs from gaining access to foetus. Consequently possibility to deliver sick baby is markedly reduced and delivery itself becomes shorted and easier. After the period of delivery Amber Acid helps to restore organism of mother and increases amount of milk.

Amber Acid used in the preparation is being derived from pure amber, despite of being more expensive by 4-6 times as this produced in other manners. Is has stronger positive effect on human body and has no any side effect. Overdosage is practically impossible.