Rectal injection of amber candles

Gydymo-gintaru-patentasAmber - honey candles are proven in the treatment of hemorrhoids, inflammation of the rectal mucosa, anal fissures and other diseases of the rectum. At home, preparation of the candles is very simple. Mix crushed amber with honey to achieve rich mixture. Mould a candle of the same size and shape, as sold in pharmacies for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Prepared candles should be stored in a refrigerator. Under the above-mentioned diseases, use one candle twice a day. The use of these candles quickly relieves pain, swelling and inflammation in the rectal area. These candles can be used for vaginal administration in diseases of the vagina and cervix.
•    Amber powder - 1 part;
•    Honey – 1 part;
•    Hot oil – 0.5 part;
All components should be thoroughly mixed in warm water and cooled later. Place the cup to the refrigerator and after mould amber candles from the mass. Use regularly and consult the doctor.