Amber dry-to-wet dressings

Gydymo-gintaru-patentasUsage of amber dry-to-wet dressings is based on the same principle and by involving the same components (crushed amber and water) as peeling mask and talasotherapy. The water under the dressing evaporates slowly causing skin cooling and helps to prevent symptoms of inflammation and swelling as well as to reduce feeling of pain. Moreover, energetic sorption properties of the amber are in better effect for prolonged time interval.

•    treatment of subacute inflammatory processes accompanied by edema, hyperemia, moderate oozing lesion, bark formation and infiltration;
•    early postoperative period after plastic surgery;
•    bruises, sore, bleeding after injuries.

•    septic inflammatory diseases of the skin.
Amber dry-to-wet dressings are usually applied for 2-3 days in the treatment of subacute inflammation, after-effects of traumas, bruises and during the early postoperative period.