Cosmetic amber massage

Gydymo-gintaru-patentasThe classic facial massage refers to facial massage by applying a cream. Cosmetic amber massage differs in terms of both - application of crushed amber instead of cream and neck and facial skin effect, including only stroking and rubbing.

•    fading skin of face and neck, breast, hips, etc.;
•    weakened muscle tonus;
•    pastosity and puffiness of soft tissues;
•    removal of wrinkles, spider veins, pigment spots;
•    non-surgical tightening of face and neck skin, breasts skin, thighs and abdomen skin.

•    acute inflammatory processes of the skin.

Method of application:
On the skin clean with cosmetic milk and toner, apply crushed amber as a thin layer with the help of finder-pads. Light gentle skin stroking without pressing on the skin lines should be performed for 5 – 10 minutes. Recovery of turgor (see note) and elasticity is observed immediately after the procedure. The effect of the cosmetic massage at the beginning of the course is being preserved for 2 - 3 days. Therefore initially the procedures in question should be applied every 2-3 days.
Skin massage by using crushed amber facilitates penetration various macromolecular substances into the skin and their further movement. Therefore, the cream being applied on the skin after the application of amber powder, simply in front of your eyes within 20 - 30 seconds is being absorbed by the skin, leaving no traces on its surface.
For patients with dry skin, in order to accelerate the restoration of its normal properties, and in connection with the expressed predrying effect of the crushed amber, immediately after the amber facial massage necessarily apply a moisturizing nourishing cream. In a case of problematic oily skin, extra cream application may be needed.
Restoration of normal skin properties (color, turgor, elasticity), the disappearance of pigment spots, spider veins, fine wrinkles, skin tightening, etc. occurs within 1 - 3 months, depending on the severity of age-related skin changes.
To prevent diseases, to maintain a high energy potential of the body, to remove energy blockages, to prevent failure in the genetic apparatus, to enhance immunity, it is sufficient to produce superficial massage by involving crushed amber for the skin of the whole body 1-2 times a month. For individuals, associated with severe physical and emotional stress as well as working with electronic equipment, including computers, this procedure should be performed 1 time per week for 5 minutes.
Treatment procedures: The entire body massage with heated crushed amber body is being applied daily 1 times a day for 10 days, then, if necessary, the procedures are performed every other day (another 10 procedures). 1 month after initiation of the treatment it is reasonable to carry out follow-up studies to assess the dynamics of pathological process.
Pain, swelling, acute inflammation in relation to majority of diseases go by 1-3 procedures after, and some think they are already healthy, so as nothing to worry, and stop treatment. Such misbelief in terms of both medicamental and amber therapy lead to migration of the disorder into the chronic form with subsequent exacerbations and loss of faith in one or other drug, treatment method and the doctor who carried out this type of treatment.
Note: “turgor” - an internal hydrostatic pressure in living cells, causing tension of the cell membrane. The reduction of turgor results in the processes of collapse, decay and ageing of cells.