Amber compress

Gydymo-gintaru-patentasThe effect of amber compress is the opposite to the effect of wet-to-dry dressing. Water vapor accumulates between the skin and the compress, and as a result of evaporation and thermal transfer difficulty, skin gets warm; it also allows blood vessels to expand, enhances metabolism as well as energetic and sorption properties of the crushed amber. Therefore, the effect occurs not only on the surface of the skin, but also in deeper structures (the subcutaneous tissue, tendons, muscles, ligaments, bones).

•    chronic inflammation of the skin and underlying tissues (myositis, ligament damage, arthritis and arthrosis, consequences of traumas, bruises, etc.);
•    infiltrates and scarring after burns and surgery, including hypertrophic and hypertrophic and keloid scars;
•    stretching of abdominal skin, breast, thighs;
•    expressed cellulite.

•    acute inflammatory diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.