Usage of crushed amber for teeth brushing and for gum massage

Gydymo-gintaru-patentasIt should be noted that crushed amber is a perfect sorbent, acting as both adsorbent and absorbent and enabling sorption of non-organic and organic toxic products in liquid and gas state as well as pathologic micro flora and viruses. This feature allows using crushed amber not only as teeth powder, but also as a means to massage the gums, teeth, oral mucosa and tongue. This results in the destruction of pathological micro flora of the mouth, which is a great prevention of caries. This changes even the color of tooth enamel with hard-core smokers.
Bleeding gums, loosening teeth and bad breath are eliminated by massaging the gums with crushed amber with the help of index finger. To perform this procedure, you need to moisten your index finger with water. Then dip it into the crushed amber and make massage of gums for about 1-2 minutes. In a case of parodontosis, one crushed tab of Trichopol should be added to the crushed amber. At the end of the massage, rinse your mouth with water to remove the crushed amber, which has already adsorbed all the microbes and toxins from your mouth.
Numerous clinical trials have shown high efficiency and appropriateness of crushed amber and in treatment of the following diseases:
Diseases of the oral cavity (superficial massage of teeth, gums, oral mucosa in the morning and evening by using crushed amber and with the help of index finger):
•    parodontosis
•    paradentitis
•    caries
•    gum bleeding
•    diseases of the oral cavity
•    teeth whitening, including in chronic smokers: use crushed amber as a teeth powder.