Amber lifting

The word lifting refers to „tightening“. In combating against wrinkles and fast skin ageing, skin smoothing becomes none the less necessary than skin nutrition, moistening and care. Until recently, surgical procedure was almost the only method that can produce facelift, i.e. lifting. Currently, along with the possibility of facelift with the help of surgery or laser, lifting creams have appeared. Cosmetic amber lifting mask by means of its unique properties, i.e. normalization of energy processes at the intracellular and tissue levels as well as high quality sorption properties is an excellent remedy for neck and facial skin lifting. That is lifting effect occurs in-line with rejuvenating and health-improving effect of all layers of the skin.
A lot of facelift products are only of immediate effect that in a matter of minutes are able to restore skin's smoothness, elasticity, and freshness. But they are recommended to apply only when a necessary “to reanimate” the skin arises: before important meeting, festive evening, coming on the stage etc. The next day there comes the effect of Cinderella after the ball - the skin returns to its former, non-admirable condition. Special thing about the cosmetic amber mask is not only immediate skin lifting effect immediately after the procedure, but also its increase within 24 hours and its visible result for at least three days. Regular usage of amber lifting mask up to 2-3 times a week allows achieving long-lasting neck and facial skin lifting results without necessity of expensive laser or surgical procedures.
Cosmetic amber peeling mask is fundamentally different from all presently known cosmetic products, methods of rejuvenation, healing and facial skin lifting. Unlike any other methods, the mask not only eliminates facial skin ageing signs (wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging skin etc.), but also effects skin ageing procedures by normalizing energy processes on both - intercellular level and tissue level. The opposite effect of cell development is hereby achieved when old, inactive cells are being replaced with young and healthy cells.
Application of other products of natural cosmetics, providing skin with nutrient materials, in-line with amber peeling mask helps to quickly achieve the desirable result. Assimilation of ingredients of natural cosmetics immediately after the application of amber mask is based on increased demand for nutrients at the extent of cells under normalization of energy processes. This is evident when applying creams after the usage of amber mask. Nutrients within few seconds are being absorbed by the skin, leaving no visible traces on its surface.