Amber thalassotherapy

Gydymo-gintaru-patentasCosmetics with marine components are now widely used to combat premature aging of the whole body and skin in particular. Dressings have a stimulating, soothing and restorative effect in the fight against cellulite. Cellulite - is the problem faced by nearly 80% of women around the world at any age, as the main causes of cellulite formation are considered to be unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and stress. Consequently, in order to resolve this problem, one should follow a healthy lifestyle by eliminating already formed signs of cellulite – flabby skin, “orange peel”, etc. Thalassotherapy is one of the most effective procedures for reducing stretch marks and improve skin tone.
Amber in Finnish “merikivi”, which means stone of the sea. The process of amber formation from the resin of pine trees has been in progress with direct participation of the sea, so the use of crushed amber for dressings may be regarded as a version of thalassotherapy.


•    Cellulite;
•    Improvement of the body.

Method of application:

Crushed amber should be diluted in boiled water (40 - 50 ° C) at a ratio of 1:2 by volume respectively, in a way of vigorous stirring for 2 - 3 minutes until the “paste” – shake together suspension (magma). Procedure can be performed both locally and on the whole body. Water-amber mist should be evenly applied on the skin with a brush (thickness 1 mm), followed by sheltering the skin beneath cellophane and a blanket for 1,5-2 hours. At the end of the procedure a crust of crushed amber should be removed with wet cloths. After removal of the amber remains, a typical amber massage should be performed on areas of the body, where the amber thalassotherapy was applied.
To maximize therapeutic and cosmetic effect it is recommended to carry out a course of 15 - 20 treatments 2 - 3 times a week. Subsequently for support of the result achieved it is recommended to perform one procedure every 2 - 3 weeks.