Protection of liver

Liver plays crucial role in the system of vascular supply and digestion, shortly in the complex system of life support of human body.
The present activity concerns functions liver perform in human body. There are few of them, and they all are so important that human life is independence on them. Without liver human being could not survive.
Firstly liver is filter of blood. Liver constantly sustain huge load and a person all the time is likely to worsen it. A lot of factors have destrictive impact on liver.
The main of them are: alcohol, artificial compounds available in foodstuffs (preserving agents, antioxidants), pharmaceuticals in various forms (pills, candles, stactometer), they get into blood and liver, chemical compounds available in the air.
Can you imagine what a big work has liver to do in order to neutralize such poison?
There is one resort - to prevent admission of toxic materials into blood and accordingly into liver. Unfortunately it is impossible. So the only one way is to help liver in maintaining its functioning by periodic stimulation of activity of its cells.
Thus the help may be provided by performing constant purgation of liver and at the same time by releasing it from accumulated dead cells and toxines under improvement of blood circulation.
Stimulation of activity of liver cells plays an important role as well. Empiric remedies and healing plants capable of having positive impact on liver and biliary tracts are known from of old. Substances - adaptogenes are of special significance, capable of increasing internal protecting resources. Amber Acid is one of such substances bio-stimulators. Anti-inflammatory effect of Amber Acid has been observed in the event of hepatitis and even hepatic cirrhosis. Moreover Amber helps from cholelithiasis by increasing salt-secretion, by beetling calculi and by promoting drainage of liver.
Radio protective action of Amber Acid is still being investigated. As yet it is clear that the present action is low and determined by dominating impact on the processes of metabolism at the extent of cells. However, increasing of the total resistance of human body can provide radio protective action.

Damage of liver due to tuberculosis

Damage of liver occurred in the event of tuberculosis should be noted as of significance importance.
Tuberculosis requires long term treatment, using strong pharmaceuticals. Under such chemotherapy adverse reactions are likely to occur even up to full intolerance of many antituberculous preparates. Such reactions of human organism towards pharmaceuticals are often connected with abnormality of liver functioning. Numerous experiments being carried out in many scientific institutions in particular in Central Tuberculosis Research Institute (Moscow) led to selection of Amber Acid as effective measure for supporting activity of liver under therapy of tuberculosis.
Amber Acid, used for supporting activity of liver under drug therapy increases protective resources of human organism and contributes towards treatment. Amber Acid itself is not remedy for direct treatment of tuberculosis, but its bracing and antitoxic impact contributes towards treatment and fastening of obtained positive effect for a long time.

Amber Acid – protection from alcohol

Prevailing opinion is that alcoholism is only nasty habit and it is possible to get rid of it under efforts of strong will. In fact it is serious and progressive disease, affecting patient not only physically but also psychologically.
Affection of internals is especially dangerous. The main “knock” is inflicted upon liver, resulting in development of alcoholic hepatitis (liver inflammation), hepatic cirrhosis (surrogation of normal hepatic tissue with simple connective tissue) and peptic ulcer disease.
Heart often suffers from alcohol as well. Psychiatric disorders, insomnia or nightmares, thirst and appetite loss, muscular trembling (classic variant – trembling hands) occur due to non admission of alcohol dose. In the events of serious cases delirium alcoholicum (widely known as “blue devils”) occurs with convulsionary seizures.
If due to some reasons use of alcohol is unavoidable the only help is usage of remedies, having adaptogene and antioxidative features for improvement of organism and resistance to destructive impact of toxines. Besides, currently there is a wide range of various remedies for elimination of alcoholic withdrawal.
But only Amber Acid has indeed wonderful impact. Especially important is that Amber Acid is capable of supporting health of hepatic cells, because namely liver suffers from “alcoholic knock” most of all. And damage of liver usually lead to violent development of illness. Moreover, Amber Acid reduces syndrome of abstainer better known as crapulence.
Features of Amber Acid increases activity of cellular respiration, enables to strengthen resistance of organism letting it to get rid of abnormal state with minimum losses as well as protects from alcoholic intoxication. Amber Acid increases working capacity and quicken process of alcohol "burning" with rapid elimination of crapulence. The truth is that the preparation is effective only if used in dosages markedly higher as prophylactic.