Diagnosis “Pancreatic diabetes” sounds like condemnation to many of us. Person has to resign his mind that he is ill with untreatable disease. But currently there is no such frustration in the word “Diabetes" as it used to be before.
Diabetes is the disease of metabolism. One may describe symptoms of diabetes and try to understand what part of the body is sick and what is the reason of that? But it is useless. Explanation is available only “at the extent of cells”.
In the case of insulin-dependent diabetes, hyperglycemia, i.e. increased blood glucose level, is being accompanied by other disorders, which may result in serious damages of cardio-vascular system. Therefore the main principle of diabetes treatment is normalization of carbohydrate metabolism seeking to prevent blood glucose level to exceed permissible limit. Urine analysis together with control of blood glucose level is being carried out in order to check state of patient during twenty four hours. Such treatment - diabetes correction – goes together with administrated diet, injection of insulin and intake of pharmaceuticals capable of reducing blood glucose level.
Interesting results may be achieved under combination of the present methods with intake of Amber Acid. Pancreatic diabetes is the serious disorder of metabolism induced by shortage of hormone insulin or by reduction of its activity.
The resent researches have showed that Amber Acid within human body stimulates production of autologous insulin and its regulatory activity increases resistance of human body and provides its efforts towards normalization of metabolism.
Synthesis of insulin under impact of Amber Acid is determined by intensifying of the processes of metabolism in the insular tissue of pancreatic gland and stimulation of insulin secretion with Beta cells is provided due to activation of enzymes, not dependant on concentration of glucose within extra-cellular medium.