Protection of kidneys

Kidneys within human body perform the function of cleaning organism from additional liquids containing salts, nitric compounds and products of proteometabolism available in urine. The present compounds basically are toxic. Moreover, kidneys are liable for liquid regulation within human body. If urine escapes with delay and only in small amounts, this may result in stagnation of liquids and even in intoxication of human body with nitric materials, which can not be eliminated from the organism timely. Such event is called chronic renal insufficiency. Stagnation of liquid can result in inflammation and infection of kidneys. Such disease is called glomerulonephritis. The often disease is pyelonephritis; it is connected with stagnation of urine within renal pelvis and leads to the process of inflammation. Renal calculus is called disorder between urine acid and dissolved salts.
In order kidneys to perform their functions normally they must be released from accumulated insoluble compounds. For this reasons methods of kidneys cleaning are applied. Moreover, stimulation of inner body parts, improvement of cells activity and processes of metabolism are also useful. For stimulation of kidneys at the extent of cells Amber Acid may be successfully applied. Anti-inflammatory effect of Amber Acid has been observed under treatment of pyelonephritis. Besides, amber is helpful for renal calculus by fastening elimination of salts and melting calculuses. Apart of bracing and remedial effect Amber Acid has markedly expressed medicated impact. Moreover, upon activation of protective powers of human body, Amber Acid and its preparations improves remedial effect of other pharmaceuticals. During the series of events dosage of pharmaceuticals may be reduced if the complex treatment is carried out involving Amber Acid.