Amber Acid treats infants

Babies born and immediately face various dangers. Their immune system is still under development. Cellular mechanisms of newborn are not formed yet, and this means that lymphatic system is not developed sufficiently. The only way to help them to manage a disease is the possibility to intensify the processes of adaptation. It is associated with processes of energy balance.
Remedial influence of Amber Acid can help to solve this problem. Its impact on energy balance does not require evidence. A lot of scientific research institutes and clinics of pediatrics carried out a number of researches related with the influence of Amber Acid on treatment of babies’ inflammatory diseases. The results were successful.
It has also been noted that Amber Acid is very effective in treating bronchial asthma.
Some of children are allergic to some kind of pharmaceuticals. When they have been pass to treatment involving Amber Acid the occurrences of allergic reaction decreased significantly in line with therapeutic effect of asthma.

The protection from viruses

Successful tests of Amber Acid’s impact in treating pneumonia and bronchial asthma, gave a cause to say that the usage of it will be effective in treating the infections of respiratory tract. After all, it is not a secret that the most prevalent pediatric diseases are catarrhal diseases of viral origin. There are almost no effective antivirus preparations for children, therefore it is very important to find measures, which could alleviate the course of serious respiratory diseases and prevent from complications. It is recommended to use Amber Acid as preventive diagnostics from viruses.
Amber Acid has an influence on cellular energy balance, increases internal protective resources of organism. Initial phase of disease, which includes fever and inflammatory processes, is the response of organism towards infection: thus is activation of protection system, increased temperature kills viruses, nasal pharynx during nasal catarrh collects dangerous bacterium, which are excreted together with phlegm. But long lasting and recurrent diseases evidence that immune system is weak. The usage of Amber Acid strengthens immune system providing an organism with forces to overcome disease quicker and to prevent from serious infections.
Amber Acid is material of natural origin, it is absolutely non toxic, not accumulating in tissues, you do not get used to it, and it is useful, because it accelerates energy balance in tissues and improves immunity. Therefore usage of Amber Acid in treating respiratory infections of respiratory track is undoubtedly useful for children (including infants of earlier age period). It is recommended to use the products of Amber Acid for treatment and preventively. If the course of 7 - 10 days of intake of Amber Acid is being administrated during “the season” of infections, i.e. in spring and in autumn as well as during epidemic of influenza a chance to catch a disease decreases significantly and if nevertheless a child caught a cold recovering is likely to be easier and without complications.