Cancer is occurrence of variety of processes. About 200 versions of newly formed structures are hidden under this name, like in ancient times when various diseases, characterized in terms of high temperature and tremble, were called fever. There are a lot of illnesses of cancerous nature; the conditions of their origin also differ. In this case internal and external factors are likely to be involved.
Cells of tumor have genes on their surface not available in healthy cells. Upon originating of “foreign” cells, immune system turns on. “Foreign” cells are being recognized and destroyed by lymphoid cells. But immune system not always manages in combing of various types of cancerous cells. If cancerous cell passes thought the barriers of immune system, the resistance of organism is likely to reduce. This is the beginning of cancer.
Cancer begins when a single cell “forgets” that the period of its existence is over. It degenerates and becomes cancerous at the same time providing basis for transferring such information to other cells. Pursuant to some of hypothesis of cancer origin the cause of such degeneration of cells is scarcity of oxygen. Under scarcity of oxygen a certain part of cells perishes but others survive and are subject to alteration. Cells restore lack of energy not at the expense of oxygen, but at the expense of development of their internal activity. Respiratory troubles being the cause of cancer genesis is not strong enough to destroy a cell.
Sudden scarcity of oxygen or a big amount of poison is the more dangerous than long-lasting and weak effect of these factors. Genetic deviance occurs within cells: the information providing basis for rapid multiplication of cells is being coded and is subject to inheritance. Immune system of human body is likely to reduce.
The alteration of healthy cells into cancerous occurs in two stages. Initially after nonreversible respiratory disturbance sufficiently long period of imperceptible run of disease is likely to start. Affected cells purportedly begin their struggle for survival. The period of two years can pass from the moment of genesis of the first cancerous cell till formation of cancerous tumor, which can be educed clinically. Energy reactions within affected cells are likely to occur more effectively. This fact provides possibility to treat cancer, by stimulating energy reactions at the extent of cells. Amber Acid is unique remedy, capable of making influence on energy balance.
Experimental treatment of oncologic patients with Amber Acid at the same time involving recipes of empiric remedies has been carried out with volunteers. Results of the researches collected and processed during the period of few years, gave hopeful results. The mortality of patients suffering from ovarian carcinoma comprised 10%, compared with control group – 90%; of patients suffering from cancer of large and straight intestines – 10% and respectively 80%, patients, suffering from cancer of cervix uteri - 10% and respectively 80%, and patients suffering from breast cancer - 10% and 60%.
The numbers are spectacular. These are only preliminary figures, but it is safe to say that treatment of oncological patients from the point of energy balance by using Amber Acid gives tangible results.
How does amber affect and where its remedial features are - the question is opened still now. The fact that amber prevents growth of tumors is proved out by experimentations and raises no objection to modern scientific view of origin of cancer. Probably effectiveness includes the fact that amber is characterized in terms of preventive features, forbidding carcinogens of various types to challenge genetic deviance, leading to unrestrained multiplication of cells. Besides, Amber Acid, by normalizing energy balance of cells, stimulates their mitosis.
Preparations of Amber Acid are well appreciated for preventing toxicosis and for their contribution to the treatment of oncological diseases. Toxicosis may occur during chemotherapy and radiotherapy and when human body is subject to intoxication with products of disaggregation of tumor.
In every case Amber Acid together with glucose and means of toxines out flux significantly reduces intoxication, increases ability of human body to resist the poisonous impact of free radicals and some other materials.