Some of the specialists claim that up to 90% of all diseases are likely to originate from stress, i.e. they are related with stress.
Special adaptation reactions occur in human organism under the influence of any serious irrigative agent. It is those reactions that are called stress. Its provocative is called stressor. Therefore stressful reaction is needful for the organism in order to adapt to complicated conditions of surrounding environment. Consequently there are circumstances when stress is necessary and even may be helpful.
However, strong and continual stress is the reason of the disorder of organism. The physical strain, which is organized properly, is useful for a person. But work, which is too intensive, makes a person feel used up and is the reason of the disorder of the functions of organism. Everything is related to any type of stress.
Human organism produces two hormones (adrenalin and noradrenalin) in the course of stressful situation. The adrenalin, which sometimes is called “stress hormone”, determines the beginning of stress reaction. Appreciable changes occur in human body, under ejection of larger amount of adrenaline into blood. Firstly, the number of cardiac beats increases, blood-pressure rises, and the concentration of glucose in blood increases. All these changes make organism ready to work under increased intensity.
Amber Acid comes to the rescue when a person is exhausted from stress and has emaciated nervous system. The person becomes more resistant to the blows of circumstance, which in generally raises the potential of adaptation of organism. Stress effect is not destructive anymore and constant stressful situations do not cause serious results.
Amber Acid surely is not the remedy, which affects phren. It has no influence towards human feelings. It only speeds up his resistance, which helps a human being to survive difficult stressful moments with “losses” as little as possible.