Massage amber belt (Amber pillow)

1 Topicality of the finding

pagalves-patentasVarious massage tools are known worldwide, by using wood, crystal pieces as massage elements as well as magnet pieces, which during the process of massaging stimulate bio active body points (BAP) thus replacing acupressure, being performed with arm fingers.
Acupressure is ancient treatment method, used by the Orient healers since 2nd century A.D. This is a method, which combines acupuncture and massage. During the process of Acupressure active body points are subject to massage, - these are bioactive body points. (BAP) This unique treatment method is widely applied in healing children and sick people, who are sensitive towards acupuncture. Periodically visiting of massage saloons is costly and time-consuming. Therefore this multifunctional massage belt has been created. This product is widely applied in the field of medicine. This massage belt may be involved in production of pillows, sheets or entire bed sheets, details of clothing, head-dress, belts for preventive treatment of back or spinal pain. Multifunctional amber pillow used for preventive treatment is produced from this massage belt. Amber beads available in this amber pillow, when contacting a human head provide immediate stimulation of BAP of human head thus replacing a massage, being performed by involving arm fingers and guarantee deep sleep and rest.
Scientists of today as well as investigators of bio-fields claim that amber stone has properties of bio-stimulation and has positive impact towards human body as well as restores damaged auras and facilitates courses of various diseases due to influence of its electromagnetic field. Moreover upon heating amber piece amber acids starts vaporizing and improves human immune system. Whereas a person received a best relaxation and rest during his sleep, acupressure during the moment of sleep becomes very effective. Human head, and especially human ear contains a lot of biologically active points. Seeking to improve a sleep, rest and health of a person, this multifunctional AMBER PILLOW has been produced. The aim of creation of multifunctional amber pillow is to establish a universal tool of acupressure with multiple affects, which after easy transformation may be used for massaging bioactive points available in other body places. Acupressure is a type of reflexotherapy. Upon stimulating BAP, pulses are being sent to central nervous system and not only feedback response of nerves system is being received but also so in reflexively related internals and autonomic nerves system. Visceral skin reflex occurs. Clinical practice and experiments show that by performing acupressure human body is subject to significant alterations: improvements of blood circulation, regulation of activity of endocrine system, improvement of metabolic process, reduction of pains, stress, muscle tonus, as well as relieve and stimulation of autonomic nervous system.

2 Oneness of the finding

Various massage tools are known worldwide, by using wood, crystal pieces as massage elements as well as magnet pieces, which during the process of massaging stimulate bioactive body points (BAP) thus replacing acupressure, being performed with arm fingers. Applicators from polymeric plate, magnetic mattresses, bed sheets, pillows, various disks and belts are already available. These products are unique after their kind. However these products do not contain natural Baltic amber . Today scientists have already confirmed that natural Baltic Amber has unique medical and electrostatic features. Since ancient times amber is used for production of amulets, which were worn on the neck or at heart-chest area as well as in production of frankincense and remedies for sick people. Now scientists have already proved that amber may be used for treatment of respiratory diseases, asthma, headache, cardiac and hepatic troubles. Amber is unique mineral. Only in Baltic amber C4H6O4 (amber acid) comprises from 3% to 8% of amber mass and is used in current medicine. Moreover, amber has unique electrostatic features. Old people say that upon rubbing amber piece to wool, flax or leather it gains electrostatic charge and draws paper pieces, hair, straw etc. What does it mean? Now and in ancient time have people used to put dishes with amber pieces being beds of sick people and children in order they to sleep better without being aware why is it necessary? Scientists having performed researches have find out that amber blocks magnetic fields and also acts as „lighting arrestor“, by removing electrostatic charge and all these actions have a positive impact towards our body.
The exclusiveness of this massage belt is in its construction. Amber belt, which is made from natural flax, contains sewed-in amber beads of proper fraction. Amber beads are not fixed, they mat freely move within appropriate cells. Size of cells is proportional to the size of amber bead. Namely this proportion of cell and amber bead is unique. This proportion is calculated thus to provide massaging of any BAP all the time; but not constantly, but instantaneously. Thus person is being massaged all the time while massage belt is used or other products made by using thus unique massage belt. When applying products made from the present massage belt, a person receives procedures of preventive treatment, which combines acupuncture, acupressure and unique therapeutic features of amber stone.