Crushed amber

Russian Company "Kamenj Solnca" (The Stone of Sun), Kaliningrad, has developed and produces an unique product for skin's updating and improvement of an organism - Crushed amber.

Smulkinto-gintaro-patentasCrushed amber consists of particles of amber in sizes from 1 up to 300 microns, that allows its use not only in quality mechanical peeling, but also for chemical peeling, an amber acid solution.

Structure: 100 % natural Baltic amber, superthin milled, containing complex microcells, aromatic hydrocarbons, an amber acid and its salts. The milled amber is not subject to chemical and thermal processings. This medical-cosmetic does not cause allergic reactions, does not contain preservatives or dyes. This radically distinguishes the milled amber from similar lines of natural cosmetics.

Choosing amber as a natural medical-cosmetic raw material was not casual. Modern science convincingly has proven, that amber is a powerful energy source for beauty and health. Its advantages out weigh other natural minerals that are commonly used in cosmetology.

With friction and heating of amber to body temperature the milled amber is rich source of free electrons, rendering medical bioresonant influence through biological-active points in the skin of the person.

Numerous clinical tests have proved high efficiency and expediency of application of the milled amber and its use in complex treatment of some diseases:
•    Illnesses of an oral cavity;
•    Bleaching of a teeth, including chronic smokers: to use the milled amber as a tooth-powder;
•    Strengthening and stimulation of growth of hair, improvement of its structure: rub the milled amber in the skin of a head with longitudinal and circular movements 2-3 times per day for 1 month;
•    Superficial burns: use the milled amber powder;
•    Dysbacteriosis, poisonings, diarrhea: 1 teaspoon in 3/7 glass of water 3 times per day;
•    Milled amber improves painful areas of the body when used in massage therapy.